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Quality & Certificates


Kemind Srl, chemical company for the production, development and sale of chemical products for Pulp&Paper, Corrugated Board and Water Treatment sectors, has as its objective:

  • To understand and satisfy the customer's needs, realizing a service conforming to the regulations in force and executed in conditions suitable to respect the environment and the safety norms for the safeguard of the workers;

  • To maintain through the offer of its products/services a primary reputation in fact of quality;

  • To ensure the health and safety of personnel working within and on behalf of the organization, through the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases.


The quality system adopted allows the company to achieve the quality objectives and, consequently, to achieve the maximum efficiency.


To achieve these objectives is Kemind S.r.l. policy to follow the following general concepts:


  • To implement and maintain an effective quality management system according to the requirements of Norm UNI EN ISO 9001;

  • Define responsibilities and procedures to ensure proper management of all aspects of the quality management system related to its activities;

  • To make available resources, economic means and appropriate skills for the proper functioning of its management system;

  • To ensure cooperation with the relevant public authorities;

  • To exercise adequate control over the environmental impact and health and safety risks arising from business activities;

  • To ensure that its activities are carried out in strict compliance with the current environmental, health and safety, administrative and sector regulations;

  • To continually improve its efficiency by setting objectives and goals for improvement that involve the Quality Management System;

  • To monitor continuously the service offered to the customer, in order to obtain its improvement;

  • Increase awareness and empowerment of staff at all levels towards quality aspects with appropriate training meetings, both of their staff and of all those working on behalf of the organization;

  • Make sure that the policy outlined here and its management system are understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization and that the system is supported by periodic and systematic training and training activities;

  • Make sure that this document is available to interested parties;

  • To ensure the necessary modifications to its system of quality management according to the legislative and technical evolution.


The application of this policy requires that the quality management system be documented and able to coordinate all quality-related activities, carried out by all the functions at all levels, necessary to achieve the objectives set.


This documentation is expressed and highlighted in the manual, always kept up to date so as to represent the company's intentions regarding the total management of the system and used as a basis for the evaluation and certification of the company by the and the national bodies in place.

The quality policy must be understood at all levels of the organizational structure and is therefore exposed and made visible to all the staff and all the people involved in the activity.


Kemind S.r.l.

The General Management

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