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Analysis Description

Analysis achievable at Kemind Laboratory:
  • Instrumental analysis determination of chemical components in products

  • Instrumental determination of chemical components in waters samples or from the production circuit

  • Determination of chemical components on deposits in paper and/or cardboard samples

  • Chemical-physical water analysis

  • Dry and wet abrasion test of paper and/or cardboard samples

  • Cobb test on paper and/or cardboard samples

  • KIT-TEST evaluation of oil/grease repellent products

  • Defoamers test in paper mill pulp and liquid systems in general

  • Defoamers test in coat and Size Press systems

  • Microbiological killing test in paper mill pulp, in coat and pigment slurry (kaolin and calcium carbonates)

  • Pigment dispersion tests (kaolin and calcium carbonates)

  • Anti-stickies and pitch control laboratory test

  • Application of dyestuffs and OBA in paper mill pulp and CIELAB coordinates determination

  • Stability testing products

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