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What We Offer

Application Support
  • Large knowledgeable field force

  • Comprehensive customer service

  • Expansive technology portfolio

  • Tailor making capability

  • Definition of Customer Needs

  • System Knowledge

  • Goal Setting

  • Implementation of Action Plan

  • Result Confirmation

​Analytical Support

Specifically equipped to provide the proven fastest response time for:

  • Water analyses

  • Paper analyses

  • Deposit analyses

  • Process analyses

  • Microbial analyses

  • Application studies

We provide complete solutions  for chemical handling including:

•    Dosage & storage design
•    Dosage systems for continuous,                intermittent and batch addition
•    Biocide addition systems
•    Cabinets and skids
•    Tanks and feeding systems

•    ASA Emulsification Units
•    Polymer and mineral make

     down units
•    Automation and control systems 

•    Online analysis units 

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