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DEAIRKEM® is Kemind range of glycol or aqueous emulsion formulas that provide excellent abatement of surface-foam, as well as ensuring deaeration in paper mills and corrugators.

DEAIRKEM® is generally added during the preparation of starch glues, at a point with strong agitation, using a diaphragm or piston pump. These products can be used undiluted at full strength, or pre-diluted in water.
The excellent stability of these emulsions makes them particularly stable even in very acidic or very alkaline pH systems.
Effective concentration is dependent on the application, operative conditions, and desired results.

For more information regarding optimal
concentrations for specific applications, please
contact Kemind technical staff.

DEAIRKEM® are compliant with FDA 21 176:180 and with BfR XXXVI.

Download the brochure in pdf format here

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