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KALKEM 418 is used to prevent formation of encrustation caused by salts in the process water, inside the glue cylinder cells.
The formulation is based on polyacrylates and polyphosphates, which are stabile even at high temperatures, between pH levels 3.0 and 9.0. 

KALKEM 418 is used in cardboard manufacture, during starch-based glues preparation and water treatment.
It is recommended that KALKEM 418 always be used in hard water.
Additionally, KALKEM 418 is also recommended for water treatment to prevent limescale in cooling circuits and heat exchangers.

A thorough cleaning of the system with the KEMICLEAN series before starting the treatment with KALKEM 418 is also recommended.

For more precise information regarding required concentrations for specific applications please contact Kemind technical staff.

Download the brochure in pdf format here


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