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Kemind manufactured biocides are marketed under the international trademark SANIKEM®.

SANIKEM® are biocides with a broad spectrum of action against bacteria, moulds and yeasts that can cause infections and spoilage of waterbased product.
SANIKEM® products are based on organic active substances and are BPR (Biocidal Product Regulation UE 528/2012) compliant.
These products are used in water systems and starch glues for corrugated board, to control biofilm-formation in paper mills and in long and short circuits.
Optimal concentration of the products will depend on the application, and desired level of antimicrobial activity.
For more precise information regarding required concentrations for specific applications, please contact Kemind technical staff.

SANIKEM® products are compliant with FDA (FDA 21 CFR 176:170 and 176:180) and with BfR XXXVI.

Download the brochure in pdf format here

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