Liquid Borax

Liquid borax - stabilizing agent for glues starch base

Borakem N are a source of boron for starch based adhesives used in the cardboard industry

Starch based adhesives are most commonly used in the process of manufacturing corrugated board.

Borax (boron salt = sodium tetraborate) is widely used to increase the viscosity and the cohesiveness of the starch adhesives, allowing a cost saving by reducing the total amount of starch used.

Borakem N are non-toxic liquid alternative which eliminates the risk of exposure to toxic substances in the workplace:


•       Boron in water based suspensions: these                        products are often classified as being as

         dangerous as Borax

•       Borakem N are the transparent liquid products,            developed to guarantee optimum effectiveness

         thanks to the lower dose required. The product

         is not classified as dangerous and is safe for                  handling and use.


Borakem N advantages:


•       No risk of dust inhalation

•       Product designed to be pumped automatically                into the reactor gives easier and more accurate              dosing


Borakem N technical benefit:


•        Non-toxic products

•        No caking risk = no toxic waste

•        High boron content enhances adhesive                           properties

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