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Liquid Borax

BORAKEM® are products based on a new generation of boron-ethanolamine agents.

BORAKEM® products are intended to replace borax decahydrate powder in liquid starch glue for corrugated cardboard manufacturing.

BORAKEM® are liquid stabilized products for starch glues that enhance glue solidification by modifying the rheological parameters of the starch.

BORAKEM® provides immediate results during dosing. Properly prepared, the starch glue will be more homogeneous and will have a more constant viscosity value over time, compared to glue prepared with borax powder.

BORAKEM® must be dosed during preparation of the starch glue, just after addition of secondary starch.

For more precise information regarding required concentrations for specific applications, please contact Kemind technical staff.

BORAKEM® products are not classified as dangerous according to Regulation EC 1272/2008 (CLP).

Download the brochure in pdf format here

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