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Barrier Agents

BARIKEM 8621 is a water-based acrylate emulsion used as a barrier for production of corrugated paper and cardboard in direct contact with food.

BARIKEM 8621 creates a film capable of providing good resistance to water and oils.


BARIKEM 8621 can increase resistance properties of paper. When spreading and drying are complete BARIKEM 8621 forms a very flexible film on the treated paper / cardboard.

Depending on the dosage used, the paper or cardboard treated with BARIKEM 8621 can be subsequently printed and/or glued. Print quality depends on the Cobb value of the finished product.

BARIKEM 8621 can be used with varieties of techniques, including size-press, film-press, blade coating and waxing rolls.

Optimal dosage of BARIKEM 8621 depends on the type of application, operating conditions, properties of the paper or cardboard to be treated (water resistance, porosity, surface roughness, etc) and the desired results.
For more precise information regarding the required concentrations for specific applications, please contact Kemind technical staff.

BARIKEM 8621 is compliant with FDA (FDA 21 CFR 176:170 and 176:180) and with BfR XXXVI.


Download the brochure in pdf format here

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