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Micro Fiber Cellulose (MFC)

Kemind is the official distributor of Exilva® products manufactured by Borregaard  (Norway) for Italy, Spain and Portugal applied in the corrugated board industry.

Exilva® is a new type of bio-based additive, sourced from Norway Spruce in Scandinavian forests. The new-to-the-market technology is showing some clear advantages helping you out when formulating.

Exilva® brings stability and strength to the corrugating adhesive, enabling more efficient production through improved bonding, less delamination, less waste and flatter boards.

Exilva’s novelty comes from the unique combination of robustness and rheological properties. It is well suited for corrugators looking to upgrade their current adhesive solutions.

Upon the addition of Exilva® to the glue, the highly entangled network of cellulose fibrils enables a strong interaction with starch via multiple hydrogen bonding.

Furthermore, Exilva® improves bonding where the glue is the weak point, typically at the slitter-scorer. We have seen that bonding is reinforced at the slitter score or stacker sections where the knives, or the board's impact on the stacker wall, can irreversibly lead to permanent delamination.

Consistent glue stability gives less retrogradation during pumping and facilitates significantly longer storage time. Strategically, Exilva® can provide borate-free glue supporting the trend in packaging without substances of very high concern (SVHC).

Exilva® can be used in all glue processes and with all kinds of starches, including one bag mixes (OBM). Excellent results have been proven with native starches.

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