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Dry Strength Products

Some of the specific mechanical properties that are important for paper are tensile strength, tear strength, bending strength, bending strength, burst resistance, internal bond and compression strength.


It is generally accepted that the main factors contributing to the development of dry strength in paper making include the Van der Wall forces, the hydrogen bond and the ionic bond.


Because of the special effect of water on the strength of the paper, it is common to distinguish between the "dry" and "wet" resistance properties. The two subjects are obviously partly related.

Kemind has a complete range of products designed to increase the mechanical characteristics required.


Product Line:

• Drykem series: formulations specifically designed to improve the dry strength of cardboard, paper and tissue, produced with any type of raw material (virgin fibers or waste paper)

Some Drykem products also provide a temporary wet strength in tissue production, especially in paper towels, napkins, facials, etc.

This product line includes synthetic (polymers) and natural (CMC with different degree) products.

• Kemistarch series: formulations based on starch.

Compared to traditional starches, these formulations are more resistant to the most critical conditions present in the wet-end cycle such as high conductivity in the machine circuit (in particular in the case of very closed water cycles), high cutting forces, etc. 

 Kemistiff series: anionic dispersions in water of a carboxylated polyolefin copolymer with a high content of solids obtained by emulsion polymerization technique.

The main application of this product range is to increase the stiffness and internal bonding of fibers in the production of paper and cardboard.

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