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Glue Enhancers

CARTKEM is a range of liquid products based on synthetic polymers formulated for corrugated cardboard production.

CARTKEM products are used as additives for starch glues to optimize glue solidification parameters.
They work by acting on the solidification kinetics of the starch glue, modifying the rheological parameters of the starch itself. This action increases heat exchange efficiency and adhesion and cohesion values. This parameter, together with high permeability into the paper, enables uniform distribution of starch glue on the corrugated cardboard.

CARTKEM is added during the final phase of starch glue preparation, using a metering dosing pump.

For more information regarding optimal concentrations required for specific applications, please contact Kemind technical staff.


CARTKEM products are compliant with FDA (FDA 21 CFR 176:170 and 176:180) and with BfR (XXXVI - XXXVI/1- XXXVI/2- XXXVI/3)

Download the brochure in pdf format here


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