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KEMIOIL is our range of colourless, odourless, white mineral oil with strong release and nonstick properties. The products have many fields of application but are largely used in production of cardboard and corrugated board to provide slipping, release, protective and lubricating properties.
KEMIOIL products are able to eliminate static electricity and facilitate sliding during production, due to very low surface tension.
KEMIOIL is largely used as a lubricant for blades used in corrugated cardboard. Our products are able to guarantee high protection and smoothness for all types of blades, minimizing friction with cardboard, thus increasing the life of the blade.
Generally, KEMIOIL products are applied directly to blades, and forms a light film that protects treated surfaces.

More precise information can be provided by Kemind technical staff.

European Pharmacopoeia 3rd Edition, US
Pharmacopoeia 23rd Edition, Farmacopea
Ufficiale Italiana X Edition
US FDA, 172.878 (for food direct contact), US
FDA, 178.3620a (for indirect food contact)
Specific FDA where oils are positively listed:
173.340, 175.105, 175.210, 175.230, 175.300, 176.170, 176.180, 176.200, 176.210, 177.1200, 177.2260, 177.2600, 177.2800, 178.3120, 178.3570, 178.3740, 178.3910, 573.680
UK “The mineral Mineral Hydrocarbon in Food Regulations 1966”
BGA Bulletins 38 and 155 (German Bundes - gesundheitsamt).

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