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Optical Brightness

Chemibrite’s paper products line entails different stilbenic based brighteners specifically designed for each step of the paper making process.


Kemind provides disulfonated, tetrasulfonated and hexasulfonated brighteners.


Product line:

  • Chemibrite D: high active disulfonate chemistry that is used to obtain the highest possible brightness in both uncoated and coated paper. 

  • Chemibrite T: high active tetrasulfonated optical brightener. It can be added to the wet end, the size press and coating.

  • Chemibrite H: high active hexasulfonated optical brightener that is added to the size press or coating.

Kemind also has a wide variety of specialty with “European Patented” optical brighteners that can provide unique optical brightening capabilities.

The standard optical brightener, utilized on the bleached chemical pulps to further increase the brightness, cannot obtain the same results on the bleached mechanical pulp. These system of bleaching can increase brightness but they are not able to remove the yellowish hues.


These are a new family of products developed to bypass these limits and make possible the usage of optical brighteners on ground-wood fibers and stocks containing ground-wood, to obtain a higher brightness, reduce the yellowish and the roughness.


These new range of products are based on selected optical brighteners activated by an eco-friendly chemical treatment. Unlike the standard OBA, these products can be used for the production of papers and paperboards for food contact.


Product line:


  • Chemibrite 614: high active tetra-sulfonated optical brighteners. They can be added to the wet end, the size press and coating.

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