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KEMIGRAPH® B is a cutting-edge liquid graphene suspension that significantly improves corrugated cardboard production process.

KEMIGRAPH® B is added to starch glue to provide numerous advantages both in terms of quality and productivity.
This product increases starch molecules’ penetration into paper fibers to improve adhesion.


KEMIGRAPH® B reduces consumption of starch glue.

KEMIGRAPH® B improves adhesion by increasing mechanical resistance.
This is possible because the product allows the starch to penetrate paper fibres without crystallizing, thus optimizing gelatinization times.


KEMIGRAPH® B, stabilizes the production process. This product is able to reduce drying times of corrugated cardboard, and consequently increase machine speed, which helps to decrease energy consumption, and provides producers undoubtable economic advantages.

For more information regarding product concentration for specific applications, contact our Kemind technical staff.


Download the brochure in pdf format here


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