Graphene is a carbon atom arranged in a single, thin, two- dimension layer, like a graph. The properties of the carbon atom, in combination with the physical effects that occur in the layer, give rise to a number of unique properties.

Thanks to its exceptional thermal conductivity and functional reactivity, graphene can make important contributions to corrugated board production.

For more detailed information please read the article in Area-Tech (click here).

100% pure graphene additive KEMIGRAPH® B, developed by Kemind in cooperation with our Swedish partner 2D fab (graphene producer) is the result ox extensive research to find the most suitable materials for the application while meeting the highest quality standards.

KEMIGRAPH® B is supplied in pure water dispersion and without further chemicals additives, it is easy to dose precisely in the glue formula, thanks to the dedicated dosing equipment supplied from Kemind, and safe for the operators to use.

KEMIGRAPH® is a registered trademark of Kemind Srl.

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