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Tissue Specialities

Kemind, in its range, offers a series of products and dedicated treatment systems, extremely efficient to condition the Yankee cylinder surface.


These technologies allow to obtain many advantages, including:

  • A perfect protection of the cylinder surface

  • A homogeneous and reduced consumption of the Doctor Blades

  • A total modulation of the sheet that detaches from the cylinder, this brings greater quality and a more homogeneous gripping, a better control of the thickness and softness of the paper

  • A cylinder coating system to adapt production to customer needs, manage production changes and needs, increasing quality and facilitating the production process.


Kemind has the most advanced technologies for the Yankee cylinder treatment.

Product line:

  • Adhesive/film products based on polymers

  • Release products based on vegetable and synthetic oils

  • Protective products based on inorganic salts

  • Softeners products

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