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Wet Strength

Kemind has developed a comprehensive range of thermosetting ketonealdehyde resin-based products in an aqueous solution.

The main feature of KEMIRESIN® are to provide excellent moisture resistance in all starch-based glues used in corrugated cardboard production, especially fruit and vegetable boxes.

KEMIRESIN® are a ready-to-use formulation that maintains the viscosity of starch glue during storage and use in the machine cycle, thus improving the quality of the glue used.
KEMIRESIN® are normally added during the final phase of starch glue preparation or directly into the storage tanks.

More precise information regarding the concentration required for specific applications, can be obtained by contacting Kemind technical staff.

KEMIRESIN® are compliant with FDA 175.105, subpart B.

Download the brochure in pdf format here


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